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To Our Fathers,

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We want to say thank you to all that fathers do this June! The role of fatherhood has changed drastically over the years. Dads are more involved in childcare than they were 50 years ago. According to one report dads spend an average of 8 hours a week on child care – in the 60’s fathers typically only spent 2.5 hours a week on child care! Fathers spend 10 hours a week on housework while fathers use to spend 4 hours on housework in 1965.1

It may be no surprise to some that the parenting and working landscape has changed for many families over the decades. Let’s explore what some of these major changes are and why fathers are such a vital part of our lives.

Fathers Lead By Example

There are an estimated 72.2 million fathers across the United States.2 Parents raise us and influence us. Father involvement makes a difference in children’s lives. One study shows father involvement at age 7 is strongly related to their children’s academic success later in life. Children with a good relationship with their father have less emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescence, teens who feel close to their dads go on to have more satisfactory adult marital relationships, and girls in particular who have a strong bond with their dad show a lack of psychological distress as an adult.3

Father involvement has been on the rise. Not only are fathers more involved than they were in the past, but their roles have been changing as well. Dads are just as likely as moms to see parenting as central to their identity. 54% of dads find parenting rewarding compared to 52% of moms. 48% of working dads claim they prefer to be at home with their children but need to work for income.4 66% of families are dual-income compared to 49% in 1970.5 The role of fathers has changed from being the sole provider to a role that is split among being a breadwinner and caregiver. 22% of mothers are “co-breadwinners” while 42% of moms are the sole provider or the primary breadwinner in a family.6

How has your father impacted you, what major lessons have you taken from him? How has he set a good example?

Fathers Are Supportive

We know mothers typically get all the credit for raising a child. But studies also show the influence of a father’s love and a mother’s love is both equally as impactful on a child’s development.7 The modern dad is more involved, nurturing, and supportive. Between 2003-2006 there was a 50% increase in stay-at-home dads.8 According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development there are multiple factors that come into play that can make a father more likely to be involved in caregiving.

  • Works fewer hours than the average dad.
  • Has positive psychological characteristics such as high self-esteem, lower levels of depression, and healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Partner/mother of their children works more hours than an average mom.
  • There is greater material intimacy with their partner.9

The stay-at-home dads or even single dads deserve credit, especially with the stigma some men face in their parenting choices. Despite the increasing numbers of stay-at-home dads or even highly involved dads, some fathers are shunned from playgroups and feel judged at playgrounds, schools, or other public spaces.8

Fathers Go Above and Beyond for their Family

Did you know 77% of Americans celebrate Father’s Day?10 This Father’s Day we want to recognize that many fathers out there are doing their best and want what is best for their kids. If you are a dad give your family the best and improve their quality of life with Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses. These lenses are worn at night and then removed in the morning for clear vision without the help of glasses or daytime contacts.

You or your children can be completely FREE of the burden of glasses or daytime contacts. Enjoy more barbecues, mornings on the lake, or attending your child’s games all with the clarity of your natural vision. Make sure you are doing your part in treating your child’s vision health. Paragon CRT® lenses are ideal for children who are active and play sports - say goodbye to daytime contacts and sports goggles.

To find out if you or your children are good candidates for Paragon CRT® Contacts, visit a Paragon CRT® certified eyecare professional. Find one near you and give your family the gift of freedom.


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