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This Month We are Thankful for the Gift of Sight

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Autumn rings in a season of gratitude and as we near the Thanksgiving holiday we want to express our thankfulness for the gift of sight. One public opinion poll found that Americans rank “losing eyesight” as one of the worst health concerns that could affect them.1 Without your sight you lose an ability to fully experience the world around you. You can no longer enjoy being active, you could lose independence, and overall visual impairment can hinder your quality of life. At Paragon Vision Sciences we understand the importance of healthy vision. We want to express our appreciation for being able to changes lives and preserve the gift of sight. Learn how we help people gain freedom from the effects of nearsightedness, from glasses and daytime contacts, and hold onto their precious vision.

No Ordinary Contact Lens

Nearsightedness affects a quarter of the world’s population.2 From children struggling to see the front of the classroom to adults who can’t make out street signs on a drive – nearsightedness can greatly impact your day-to-day life. By 2050 it is expected nearly half of the world’s population will be nearsighted.1 While traditional treatment options such as glasses or daytime contacts are available, we manufacture a life-changing treatment called Paragon CRT® contact lenses. Paragon CRT® Lenses are overnight orthokeratology (Ortho-K) contacts. Ortho-K contact lenses are worn by you or your child overnight and gently corrects the curvature of the cornea while sleeping. In the morning, remove the lenses and enjoy clear vision all day without the need for glasses or daytime contacts. Paragon CRT® Lenses don’t just correct vision; they give FREEDOM from the hassle of glasses or daytime contacts.

We Don’t Just Change Vision, We Change Lives

What could you or your child do without having to wear glasses or daytime contacts? Swim, climb, shoot hoops, travel – the list can go on. Paragon CRT® lenses are the first FDA approved overnight Ortho-K lenses, there are no age restrictions3, and our lenses have been worn by people in over 50 countries around the world.4

“My son's overall eye health is better because of [Paragon] CRT® Lenses.  I wish they were available when I was young.  CRT lenses have allowed him to participate on the swim team and we are so grateful!” – Jessica, Mother of a Satisfied Patient

Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, it is imperative to take care of your vision. For nearsightedness there are many treatment options. What makes Ortho-K special is you can experience your natural eyesight during the day. Lenses like Paragon CRT® have been clinically proven to help children by:

  • -Improving their ability to learn.
  • -Increasing self-confidence.
  • -Enhancing social skills and self-esteem.
  • -Boosting participation in sports.5

From kayaking to ultimate frisbee to a run on the trail, Paragon CRT® helps adults! Say goodbye to worrying about losing a contact or breaking your glasses. Our lenses have a 97% satisfaction rating!6 Millions of real patients say Paragon CRT® overnight contact lenses meet or exceed their expectations.

“[Paragon] CRT® Lenses have been great for me. I love the convenience of being able to make it through my day without having to worry about glasses or contacts. Especially when playing sports, the freedom that CRT® lenses gave me was spectacular.” – Celia, Satisfied Patient

Wake up to Clear Vision

Safe, reliable, and convenient – join the millions who changed their life with Paragon CRT® Lenses. Our lenses due to being FDA approved can only be prescribed by a Paragon CRT® certified eye doctor. To find a certified practitioner you can use our find a doctor locator.

Next time you are taking in a sunrise or admiring the first snowfall of the season, thank your advance eyes! It is easy to take for granted something as instinctive and functional as our eyesight. With regular checkups and being proactive on treatment, you can take care of your vision. With Paragon CRT® you can see the world clearly without limitations.


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