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Paragon Vision Sciences Joined VOSH for a Humanitarian Project in Naco, AZ

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In August we partnered with the Volunteer Optometry Society to Humanity (VOSH) to administer free vision screenings and eye exams to over 200 elementary students in Naco Arizona. Leah Johnson our Director of Global Professional Services, Kelly Voltz our North America Director of Professional Services, Sean Sicari our Purchasing Manager, and Natasha Girardi our Social Media Coordinator represented Paragon Vision Sciences at Naco Elementary School.


Dr. Johnson and Dr. Voltz provided free eye exams to the children. Overall 212 K-8 students were screened, which is 71% of the school population.


The children were grateful to receive care and were not only easy to work with but a pleasure to meet!

We are grateful to give back to the community and for the opportunity to take part in this unique experience.

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