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Stay Healthy with Our Guide to Paragon CRT® Lens Care and Safety

Paragon Vision April 22, 2020 paragon vision sciences


As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold the team at Paragon prioritizes the health and safety of patients, practitioners, and fellow team members. We are all in this together! From practicing social distancing to washing your hands for at least 20 seconds – please continue to practice thorough hygiene by also taking care of your Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses and keeping your eyes healthy. Our guide walks through the steps of lens care and safety, keep reading to make sure you are staying clean and healthy with your contact lenses.

Taking Care of Your Lenses

First, your eye doctor will recommend a lens care solution for the cleaning, disinfection, storage, and lubrication of you or your child’s lenses. Make sure to always follow the instructions provided with each lens care solution! You or your child should not switch from one care system to another unless it has been determined by your doctor.

Since you and your children are getting so adept to washing your hands, it should be a piece of cake to remember to always wash your hands before handling your Paragon CRT® lenses!
Your lens must be cleaned and disinfected each time you remove them.

Only clean ONE lens first. We recommend cleaning the same lens first, every time, to avoid mix-ups. Rinse the lens thoroughly in a gas permeable solution provided by and/or recommended by your eye doctor. Place the lens into its correct storage case and fill the case with the recommended disinfection solution. Clean and rinse the other lens in the same manner and place it in its case. Patients should fill their lens case with fresh solution every time they store their lenses, and never re-use solution. Discard solution in the case immediately after the lenses have been removed from the lens case for nightly use. To disinfect your lenses, leave them in the solution during the day. Be sure to leave the lenses in the unopened storage case until you are ready to put them in your eye.1

What About Cleaning Help from H2O? 

Do NOT use water to clean or rinse your Paragon CRT® lenses! Tap, bottled, distilled, lake, ocean – whatever the type of water, do not let it come into contact with your lenses. Never store your contact lenses in water. Never wear no water spacingyour contact lenses while swimming or showering. Use only the contact lens solution recommended by your eye doctor. Also, saliva can never be used to clean or wet the contact lenses.1

With summer coming up swimming pools, water parks, and running through the sprinklers may be a temptation and we hope you enjoy those activities to cool off. But don’t let you or your child’s contact lenses be part of the splashing fun.

Don't Forget About the Case! 

Contact lens cases can be a source of bacteria growth. Lens cases should be emptied, cleaned, and rinsed with recommended solution, and allowed to air dry. Lens cases should be replaced at regular intervals as recommended by your eye doctor.1

The Application and Removal Process 

Proper application and removal of the lenses is imperative in keeping you or your child’s eyes healthy and to reach the best treatment outcome! Follow these simple guidelines so you or your child can experience the life-changing benefits of CRT. 

Lens Application 

When getting ready for bed and to wear the contacts, be sure to have the lenses, lens case, approved gas permeable care solution, artificial tears, and a lens insertion and removal device (optional). Find a place with a mirror to insert your lens. If the lenses are being applied near a sink remember to cover the opening of the drain to prevent losing a lens.

Lens Care-steps only

If the lens is accidentally applied into the white part of the eye, follow the instructions for removal below. Then begin the application process again. Never attempt to slide a Paragon CRT® contact lens onto the center of the cornea from the white part of the eye.


Lens Removal 

It’s morning, finally time to remove the lenses for crisp clear vision! Follow the steps below to safely remove Paragon CRT® contact lenses.
Just like application you will need to gather supplies: the lenses, lens case, approved gas permeable care solution, artificial tears, and a lens insertion and removal device (optional). Find a place with a mirror to apply the lens. If removing the lens near a sink remember to cover the opening of the drain to prevent losing a lens.

Lens Care-steps only2

Please note, if a lens is dropped at any time during application or removal, clean the lens prior to wearing them or placing it in the contact lens case. If the lens is ever dropped with the bowl facing downwards DO NOT pick it up with your fingers. Use your insertion and removal device to pick it up. This avoids any potential of breaking the lens.2

If you have any questions about safety and cleaning for Paragon CRT® lenses your eye doctor will be the best person to turn to. At Paragon Vision Sciences, we don’t just change vision, we change lives. During this time the lives we change need to stay healthy and safe. Protect you or your child’s eye health by following our guidelines and your doctor’s recommendations.



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