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Improve Your Child’s Quality of Life!

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We sat down with Dr. Michael J. Lipson, a renowned optometrist and associate professor at University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center. Our discussion was about Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and its impact on quality of life. Orthokeratology is the use of contact lenses worn overnight to gently reshape the cornea so that light is correctly focused on the retina. This results in improved vision for nearsighted patients.  Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are Ortho-K lenses worn at night. A child wears the contacts while they sleep and removes them in the morning for clear vision without the need for glasses or daytime contacts!

Dr. Lipson has conducted multiple well-known clinical research studies on Ortho-K, vision-related quality of life, and more. We think every parent should hear what Dr. Lipson has to say about overnight vision correction and its effect on nearsighted children.

“There are stories [young] patients tell me every day about how prior to having Ortho-K they felt uncertain about participating in certain activities whether it is sports or just hanging out with friends. A child felt more confident when they didn’t have to wear any correction. People saw the child for who they were. Kids who were hesitant to try out for the soccer team now had the confidence to do that.”

Ortho-K Lenses Can Change Your Child’s Life

How impactful can vision be to self-esteem or school performance? Do Ortho-K lenses really make a difference in a child’s life? Many don’t realize that glasses or daytime contacts can influence a child’s self-esteem – a child is restrained by their daytime correction (glasses or soft contacts). There are clinical studies that show that wearing Ortho-K lenses can enhance a person’s quality of life.1 One study showed Ortho-K can enhance a child’s self-esteem.2

Dr. Lipson says,

One child came in at 8 years old and he would barely look at you in the exam room. His head was down, and he was wearing glasses. His parents brought him in for an Ortho-K consult. It was an effort to get him to talk during the exam. He was very shy.

The child started wearing Ortho-K contacts. At our one-month checkup I was struck by how vocal he was. He had his head up and was looking at me. He was answering questions, was excited, and he seemed like a different kid. He exuded confidence in himself. He shared stories about how his vision had changed and how he was doing more activities, such as sports and joining a club at school. Part of this could have been he was more comfortable going into the office. He knew me, and he knew my staff, but he seemed like a different person.

No More Broken Glasses or Lost Contacts

From Dr. Lipson’s experience parents usually worry about a child’s daytime contacts or glasses, if the glasses will break or fall off, if a contact lens will get lost on the playing field. With Paragon CRT® Contacts, treatment is done in the home. Parents are overseeing Ortho-K in the home; the lenses never leave home. Parents usually like the fact that they can supervise the care. Everything is done under their watchful eye. Many kids have gotten so use to wearing their Ortho-K contacts they can’t imagine ever going back to wearing glasses or daytime contacts.” 

How to Get Started with Ortho-K

There are many options for treating your child’s nearsightedness. Paragon CRT® stands out over glasses or daytime contacts due to its impact on quality of life and education. Because Paragon CRT® lenses are FDA approved for overnight wear3 they can only be prescribed by a certified eye doctor. If you are interested in getting CRT® lenses for your child, you can find a certified eyecare professional by using our Find a Doctor resource. Paragon CRT® contact lenses have a 92% satisfaction rating4, and has no age restrictions.3

Let your child feel less restrained on the court or playground, give them more confidence in their everyday life. Paragon Vision Sciences doesn’t just change vision they change lives. Change how your child sees the world, how they see themselves, and ultimately their quality of life. Try Paragon CRT® for an effective, safe, and revolutionary treatment for nearsightedness that gives your child freedom from glasses or daytime contacts.

Dr. Michael Lipson  (1)


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