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Paragon Vision Sciences Contributes to the Gift of Sight!

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For the month of October Paragon Vision Sciences held multiple fundraising events to give back to Optometry Giving Sight (OGS)! 

Over 1 billion people are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired simply because they do not have access to an eye examination and appropriate glasses, including tens of millions of children with uncorrected nearsightedness. OGS specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error and is the only global fundraising initiative with this focus.

Optometry Giving Sight’s mission is “transforming lives through the gift of vision.” This aligns with our own mission, "we don't just change vision, we change lives." OGS transforms lives by providing accessible eye care services, training eye care workers and professionals, and establishing community-based vision centers worldwide. 

“With Optometry Giving Sight, I believe everyone regardless of where they are in the world should be able to have access to an eye exam and get glasses.” Says Phyllis Shaurette, our Human Resources Manager.

These fundraising events was a total team effort lead by Phyllis Shaurette, Katrina Ballard Executive Assistant CooperVision® Specialty/Paragon Vision Sciences HRBP, and Snow Shen Executive Assistant to the President of Paragon, Educational Event Manager, and China Customer Relations. 

phyllis and Katrina silent auction

Paragon Vision Sciences for the month of October encouraged employees to donate $2 on Thursday and/or Friday towards the cause. In exchange our team members could wear their favorite sports jersey. 

We also held a silent auction. Some of our own employees donated to the auction. Michael Grinnell our 4th shift Supervisor donated a hand-crafted solid copper bracelet. Eva Hansen our Production Designer contributed a 30-minute photo session to the auction. 

auction (1)

“We have to be socially responsible as an organization to give back to those who are less fortunate than us. You aren’t doing your part as an organization if you aren’t turning around and offering a hand to those who are less fortunate.” Says Katrina, who has 30 years of experience conducting silent auctions and fundraisers.

Managers had the opportunity to purchase a “L.E.A.D” t-shirt with proceeds going to OGS. What is L.E.A.D? Our new leadership development program!

Learning new skills

Educating our teams

Adapting to change

Developing our people

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This unique program gives our management team the ability to grow in their leadership skills! Through L.E.A.D. managers are offered both in-person and online courses to help them not only advance in their career path but encourage and guide their own employees to better themselves.

Phyllis is part of our management team and understands the importance of giving back for a company’s culture and employee well-being.

“Employees are happier when they are able to help others. A happy employee is a productive and good employee. If we can set up programs to make it easy for employees to give back, whether it be gifts for children in need during the holidays or glasses and eye exams for the less fortunate – it is the right thing to do.” Says Phyllis.

CooperVision® being a Global Gold Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight, participates in Optometry Giving Sight’s World Sight Day Challenge every year.  Snow has taken a role in ordering all of our employees shirts to show our support! Snow has also experienced the struggles of nearsightedness.

“With Optometry Giving Sight the knowledge they deliver to people is just as important as their other initiatives. I was able to get glasses when I was a child, but it wasn’t the right prescription, we weren’t knowledgeable about nearsightedness, how the progression happens, and the options I had.” Says Snow.

Donating to an organization such as OGS supports our own values to help people who suffer from nearsightedness around the world. 

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our fundraising! We are proud to be able to raise money for such an impactful and valuable cause.