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Make Sure Your Child is Free to be Themselves this Summer!

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What are your family plans this summer? Will your kids be attending a summer camp or is your family heading out on vacation? While there is the old trope of summer camps being a place where your child does crafts, canoes, and learns how to build a campfire there is actually a diverse selection of summer camps that exist now. From camps for coders and gamers to cooking camps to even a Hogwarts camp at the Smithsonian, your child has options.1 As for family vacations, is your family more of an amusement park group or a bunch who likes to explore national parks?

Whatever your family is into, a lot of variety exist today in a family’s culture and in children’s interests and aspirations. In this article we are going to explore one way you can help your child reach their full potential and has nothing holding them back from their best self.  

Who is Your Child?

Who is your child? Are they energetic, quiet, goofy, curious? A child can be many things just like adults and they are still developing who they are. During the summer children have more time to be active and to discover new interests. While your child explores, learns, and grows make sure they have nothing holding them back.

Nearsightedness is a vision condition where distant objects such as friends on the playground, the whiteboard, or even a volleyball on the other side of the net appear blurry. While glasses and daytime contacts allow your child to see, your child will still have limitations with these treatment options. Glasses are easily broken, can fly off on a rollercoaster, and can’t be used when swimming. Daytime contacts are easily lost and can’t be worn in the pool.

There is a solution to nearsightedness that allows your child to see with their natural eyesight during the day. Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are worn at night while your child sleeps. In the morning, they remove the lenses for improved vision WITHOUT the need for glasses or daytime contacts.


Change the Way Your Child See’s the World

Change the way your child see’s the world and their special place in it! Paragon CRT® is trusted by parents in over 50 countries!2 Wearing FDA approved3 overnight lenses like Paragon CRT® is clinically proven to increase a child’s confidence and increase their activity in sports or entertainment.4 According to one study, “The advantage of freedom from corrective lens wear is very powerful and potentially life-changing for children, notably for an active child involved in swimming, basketball, and other sports.”4

Make the right choice for your child’s summer and for their future. Paragon CRT® contacts can only be prescribed by a Paragon CRT® certified doctor. To find out if your child is a candidate use our find a doctor locator. Many doctors offer free screenings, see where certified eyecare professionals are near you.


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